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Where are we located?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our friendly staff members.  Your first visit will start with the completion of the necessary paperwork for us to familiarize ourselves with you.  You will be asked to fill out a complete health history form.  Please remember to bring a list of all medications you are taking, as well as any allergies you may have.  Other items to remember are your insurance card, subscriber information, and the referral form given to you by your general dentist (if one was given).  Other information that may be discussed prior to your visit with the doctor include privacy and consent forms.  Questions about anything relating to your visit are welcome at any time!

Once your appointment begins, you will have a chance to meet Dr. Warren and our clinical staff.  Generally, we begin by gathering information in order to formulate a treatment plan.  This involves taking radiographs (x-rays) if needed, as well as performing diagnostic examination and testing of the tooth or teeth in question.  We will always ensure that our diagnostic procedures are conducted as gently and carefully as possible, however, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO TAKE ANALGESICS OR “PAIN KILLERS” PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.  Taking pain medications may mask your symptoms, making an accurate diagnosis very difficult or impossible.

Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan is developed.  We have an interactive approach to treatment planning.  Dr. Warren will explain your condition to you and present all possible treatment options.  You will be given a good understanding of all options, and will be guided to a treatment decision that is best for you.  Often that decision is clear, but sometimes cases can be more complex.  You will be given ample time to discuss your case with Dr. Warren and ask questions before a treatment decision is made.


Treatment is often done same-day, but may be scheduled for another time.  This depends on how this initial appointment is scheduled ahead of time.  Certain procedures, such as retreatment of previously treated root canals and surgical procedures, often require a separate consultation due to the increased complexity of such cases.  Also, patients requesting sedation (other than nitrous oxide) must also schedule an initial consultation to properly complete our consent protocol before scheduling treatment.

As always, questions are welcome at any point along the way!  Do not hesitate to contact us directly if necessary!


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